Sober Living Santa Barbara

Sober Living Santa Barbara

If you happen to be in a position where you need to be in a sober living environment to continue your journey of sobriety in Santa Barbara, then we suggest that you reach out to Beach Front Recover in Santa Barbara.

They provide a safe environment where you can continue your path to be staying sober.  They offer you a place where you can concentrate on staying sober and developing the daily life skills to live your life sober for the long-term.  You will be able to enjoy the beauty of the ocean in your backyard, surround yourself with loving people and have an opportunity to achieve sobriety for the rest of your life, one day at a time!

When you move in the staff will assist you in developing daily living skills and you will obtain the necessary tools on how to live life on life’s terms!  The people that work at Beach front will work with you on a daily basis to help you achieve your goals in a sober way!

Beach Front Recover, believes that you have the potential for positive change and it can be done!  The house is a place where you can be safe and start the next phase of your sober journey.  They have an environment where it is affordable and safe, they provide you the structure that you need, while also providing you independence.  Beach Front uses the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous to help you along in your journey!  You will never have to worry about your confidentiality being exposed as well!

With Beach Front they understand that the path to long-term recovery isn’t always easy.  The focus for them is to provide you with a comfortable, living environment that emphasizes complete abstinence, personal growth all leading to recovery.  The goal that they have is to provide you an atmosphere of living that will give you the life tools to have confidence, enable you to have self-worth and the motivation that you will need to continue a healthy life and to enter back into society.  The foundation of the support that they offer you will assist you in developing the needed tools to obtain long-term sobriety and recovery and for you to recognize the full potential of your life.

What they have learned is that to obtain long-term sobriety and recovery, just like any other path of spiritual growth, is not a one time event.  It is a continuous journey that you will need to start.  During this journey you will have times and situations where you will need to call upon the life skills you have obtained during your stay, and with the assistance of the staff they will show you how they did what you are starting.  The dependence upon a power greater than yourself is the basis of all that they do, and they give you the space and the room needed for you to find that power as well.
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36 E Ortega St Unit # 1402, Santa Barbara, CA

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Sober Living Santa Barbara